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Time Lock Safe

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About the Safe

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100% Control

Before locking the Time Lock Safe, users will schedule a time for when the safe will become unlockable. After locking the safe, its contents will be completely inaccessible until the predetermined time.


The Time Lock Safe is covered under a 2 year warranty, and you may return the Time Lock Safe for any reason within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Multiple Uses

With the Time Lock Safe, you can lock away drugs, cigarettes, money, keys, small parts of video games and so on. Managers can use it to limit access to the safe during preset time frames.​

24/7 Support

We are always readily available by call, email or live chat to assist you with your Time Lock Safe.

Quick Guide

time lock safe with timer
Weekly programmable timer

The Time Lock Safe has a programmable timer for the upcoming week that allows users to schedule time intervals for when the safe may be opened.

Intensely Customizable

The timer has 8 programmable on/off events per day and 15 combinations of daily programs.

locking time

The timer shortest locking time is 1 minute, the longest 1 week.

When the timer is set to AUTO

This means that the Time Lock function is activated. A correct keypad code will only unlock the safe according to the timer settings you have previously chosen.

When the timer is set to ON

You can access your safe at anytime by entering the correct code into the keypad.

When the timer is set to OFF

You can access your safe at anytime; however, the keypad function will not work, and you must access your safe using the key.

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Time Lock Safe

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Optional depository slot
  • (New) portable battery-only version
  • Charger, batteries, and keys are included
  • Discrete packaging option available
  • Available in stock with 2-day worldwide shipping