• Time Lock Safe: If you are looking for a safe that can be opened only within a programmed time frame, a Classic time lock safe is the exact safe you need to get. This safe allows you to access your content only within the fixed time of access which can be between 5 pm 7 pm daily or just on Saturdays and Sundays preferably. If you do not change the time settings, the internal timer will repeat continually each time it’s being used. You will not have to reprogram it unless you need to change the time frames, and you can only have access to the safe within the programmed time frame.
    You can set up 8 programmable on/off events per day, and 15 combinations of daily programs, that allow choosing when you can open the safe.
    Example: Open the safe only on Friday between 8 pm and 10 pm and on Saturday between 4 pm and 10 pm.
  • Time Lock Countdown Safe: If you wish to restrict access to the safe for a particular time, but you do not want to put an end to the preset access time, then you should get a Time Lock Countdown Safe. With this countdown safe, you can decide not to access the safe within 5 hours (for example), which implies that you can access it anytime after 5 hours have gone by. With this safe, you will not have to calculate the hour and the day of the opening and closing times. All you must calculate are the hours or days of the locking time.
    Example: Do not open the safe before 2 days and 3 hours.
  • Time Delay Safe: If you need an anti-robbery safe for your business, you should get a Time Delay Safe. This safe is designed purposely to give you an extra level of security. The time lock delay prevents the opening of the safe until it reaches the programmed delay time after if you input the correct password combination.

  • Example: Open the safe 15 minutes after the first correct code by redialing the right code.

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